Negative to positive!

In these special times, it’s hard not to worry or talk about the COVID-19. It’s all we hear and read every day for the past 6 months. It did, and still does, affect millions of people around the world, and it seems like we are not even close to see the end of it (well, that is how I feel!).

Even the specialists around the world seems to have mixed feelings on how to manage the situation. One day we hear that this virus is under control in some areas, and then boom! Few days later, these same areas are out of control. Some other days we read that specialists think it’s going to be ok, and some other days they bring fear on us by saying it’s going to be worse than what we’ve seen so far!

As am writing these lines, we definitely started the second waves in Canada. In some areas, the numbers are reaching peaks not seen during the first wave. I feel like we knew it all along that it will hit us hard again during fall, but many people choose to sugarcoat the situation instead. Am astound to read and hear so many people being surprised that there is a second waves! How can they be that clueless! We had 6 months to prepare for the worse, but I feel like nothing was thought trough. During the first wave, they shutdown the entire country. Should we feel lucky that they didn’t shutdown everything again for this second wave? Or should we fear another shutdown soon? It’s not clear what is the plan.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the situation, I think we are lucky to work in the construction industry. We are considered “essential”, and the industry did turn around pretty quickly to adjust the new normal to all sites teams.
We’ve seen the construction industry take action to make sure to secure their processes on site, and keep it open. Many people that have been talking to in the industry, told me that their projects were behind at the beginning of the Covid situation, with everything closing down. But they managed to be back on track quickly, and made up for lost time. Some did lose projects, but with the Government investing in construction projects, more new projects were created and started faster then supposed to. Am expecting the same kind of comments in the next few months.

For us, at CLC Training, for the past 6 months it was business as usual. Of course, all the site trainings we had scheduled were switch to online training. But because we were already offering online training, that was not an issue at all. On top of that, when in some area’s construction sites closed during the first wave, project teams had more time to attend trainings. So, they took that opportunity to keep their skills fresh, or learn few more tricks along the way. Your team can still do plenty of things even if the physical construction sites are close. Plus, don’t forget that project management software like Procore, or collaborative software like SmartUse didn’t closed their businesses during Covid. They kept working on their software. They did release new features that you might didn’t know was now available if you took your training a long time ago. Refresher are always good to discover new tricks!

At CLC Training we think that construction industry will be spare for the second wave, if everyone does apply the rules such as always wear your mask, or have water station all around your construction site for your team to wash their hands as often as it’s required, or don’t go to work if you feel symptoms. These are just few new normal site processes you can apply to help avoid the spread of the virus.

And if your site teams are stuck home with symptoms, why not take that opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one by subscribe them to one of our training sessions to learn new skills?

Spending more time to save more money!

At CLC Training we know that live collaboration is a major asset to make sure a project can be completed on time and on budget. We’ve seen so many projects losing a lot of time sending communications, then waiting for a response, then receiving an answer that was not the appropriate one because of miscommunication, or because the other parties was not working with the good document, or simply because the information was not shared with the right person. The ball in court was rolling from one to another. What a waste of time!

These types of situations can lead to a lot of delay and frustration at a jobsite!

To overcome these situations, many constructions companies will acquire a construction software such as Procore software (project management software), or SmartUse software (mobile collaborative software). Maybe it is you and your team at the moment. However, even with the best software on the market, if you don’t know how to use it and share your information with your team properly, there will be no miracle!

That’s why, even if you did acquire a new software to help manage your construction project, you need to make sure everyone involves at your project will use the tools properly to communicate the information to the right team member. And that’s when CLC Training comes into play!

Construction software training options

CLC Training understand how fast pace a job site can be. We also understand that not everyone that’s part of your construction team is at the same level of comfort using a technology.
Construction software’s can be very intimidating whether you are at ease with technologies or not, and our construction trainers understand that well.

You can find many types of training and certifications around, such as:

  • Online video “how-to”
  • Online certifications
  • A live teaching classes
  • Weekend seminars
  • Podcast

However, these might not be appropriate for your projects, as they can be time consuming trainings, and leave the users to himself, trying to follow online and figure things out alone. Not the best way to make your software profitable, and help the project goes smooth, faster and on budget!

Our CLC training services offer more support to your users with more hands-on on a real-life project situation. Also, our training can be done at your job site directly, so you can regroup your team and keep everyone onsite where they can be needed.

If online training suits your needs more, no problem. We do that as well. You can regroup your team, or each user can attend it from anywhere they need to be.

You might decide that training is not necessary, but you need someone to answer some questions from time-to-time, when your team is stuck on a software issue, or just doesn’t know how to apply their situation into the software tools. Guess what? CLC Training offer phone or email support package as well. Sometimes, a quick call goes a long way!

Just keep in mind that no matter the type of training you need, at CLC Training there is something available to suits your demands.

Don’t ever let your project gets behind for a simple question your team might have! Take action now!

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