Adaptation, innovation, improving skills; All we need in construction for 2021!

Everyone will agree that 2020 was one hell of a year! Some will say it’s a wreck year or a year to forget. Some did thrive under the circumstances. And others saw it as an occasion to reconnect with closed ones or with a forgotten hobby. In ten years, when someone will ask you where you were during that time, the odds are that you’ll remember where and what you were doing at that time. Whatever this year meant to you, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Nonetheless, we are delighted that this year is coming to an end!

For the Construction World, this year started with uncertainty, but definitely did pick up the pace quickly. Potentially, it looks like the coming year is looking great for the construction industry for almost all provinces of Canada. I don’t say that lightly as a lot of news can point out in that positive direction.

First, as you all know, the distribution of the Covid vaccine has started all over Canada. Even if we recognized that not everyone will get it right away, with this news alone, hope is back and we feel like this pandemic situation is going to end soon.

Moreover, many reports and statistics have been posted over the Internet and can confirm this positivism for the coming 2021! As an example, you can read the Canada Consulting engineer article that resume the “Workers Hours reports in 2020” published by Procore Technologies. More workers’ hours were recorded last fall for construction projects. Which is looking good for the recovery of the construction industry! Read the article at: Canada Consulting Engineer

Also, in the same vein, based on Statistic Canada, the number of construction industry jobs added last fall in Canada was on the rise of approximately 8,400. Despite the fact that last year the labour market numbers exceeded this number, this number still remains a good sign for this year. Read the entire On-Sitemag’s article at: On-Sitemag.

As you can see, these reports are looking optimistic for the next few months. And many more reports like these exist to encourage us to move forward 2021 with positivity. Needless to say, that the construction industry had to adapt to the new reality. It had remained more innovative like so many other industries.

At CLC-Training, we love to see the use of a new technology in the construction industry. And this year, we feel that one technology that was seen a lot more everywhere is Spot, the Robot dog by Boston Dynamics. It is very impressive to watch this robot in action with all the advantages it can bring to a construction site. When we see this kind of innovation at a construction project, it can only make us dream big about what the future hold for our industry. Adaptation, innovation and improving skills remain the keys to successful industries. And this year, despite everything, that is what we will remember from our industry. 2021, bring it on!

CLC-Training wishes Happy New Year to all the construction workers around Canada!