SmartUse Construction Collaboration

Investing in a new software is always a step forward to help completed your construction projects on time and on budget. However, what’s more exciting is to know that this software investment is helping your team collaborate in real-time. Which will help your construction project to stay in the course of your schedule and avoid rework. Still, not everybody is at ease with software, especially in the construction industry within the working site teams.

So, how can you have the guarantee that you’ll get a good return on your software investment? By ensuring that your team knows how to fully use the software in the most efficient way possible. That little investment will pay itself very quickly.

CLC Training specialists can surely provide training that will simplify the use and understanding of your construction collaboration software such as SmartUse. One of the tricks we teach during our SmartUse’s training that will improve your team collaboration is how to use the favorites feature.

Yes, that simple icon that we are so used to seeing in so many applications can do magic for your team. Of course, every time we start explaining this feature most of the attendees started laughing at us, thinking: “why do they are explaining to us this so uncomplicated icon?” And then, as we do show them how to really apply this feature in SmartUse, we can see the magic happening in every attendee eyes. A lot of construction projects we’ve shown the favourite’s feature was not using it, or they thought it was not a useful tool for them. Furthermore, what project teams weren’t aware before was that they can use this feature to collaborate with each other in smaller groups, or with all the users of the construction project. Even more helpful, they can select specific drawings that will be regrouped under the same folder. And let’s not forget that they can use the favourite tool with the offline feature as well.
This feature is very handy for construction’s projects that have tremendous drawings and documents. Not only it will save teams time by avoiding searching for the right drawings or documents, but you can share your favourite folders with specific members of the project team.
Who would have thought that a simple feature like the favourites could save your construction projects time and money? Really, as simple as that!

At CLC Training we’re not performing magic tricks, but we are just showing you how the magic works.

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