What have in common New Year & Construction events in 2021?

January usually brings its share of new resolutions, as we all want to become a better person and healthier or growth in many areas of our life. We usually share these resolutions with our friends and family. Despite the fact that 2021 started in virtual mode for many of us, we probably still started the year by sharing our resolutions with each other. The goal is we want to not to give them up before February! On the other hand, one happy thing the New Year brings to many of us is the joy of planning few trips during the year to attend conferences and forums. We want these conferences to keep ourselves ahead in the construction industry!

At this point, I can already hear some of you say that “this year not worth attending any of these big conferences.” Or even “All tradeshows & conferences will be cancelled, or postpone.” Good news! This year is heading for a great year of construction industry conferences. And the best thing about this year’s conferences? We have no excuses not to attend them!

This year it is futile to find excuses such as conferences you wanted to attend are too far. Those hotels are fully booked or flights are too expensive. Because guess what? Indeed! This year, many of the usual Construction industry conferences you know are offering a virtual edition. Either their keynote presentation speaker’s sessions, or exhibitor booth, and even some meet-up networking sessions, are all happening virtually!

We do agree that nothing will beat a face-to-face meeting, or planning dinner to network with great people of our industry. However, virtual will give you many new opportunities either for networking, or to listen to passionate keynote speakers talk about their preferred topic and expertise. The best thing with virtual conferences it’s that you could probably register to much more keynote presentations, as many will offer the recording for a limited time after the conference.

If you are not convinced yet that you should register to virtual conferences, we did gather for you a few virtual events that are happening soon. Bonus points, you can attend some of these events at no charges!

World of Concrete (WOC)—this one is well-known in the industry, and it is one of the largest construction events for concrete and masonry professionals held in Las Vegas every year. This year, the WOC announced that they decided to reschedule the usual event from January to June 2021. The good new is until then WOC360.com holds a virtual forum February 2-4th, 2021, the “2021 Virtual Industry Forum,” and it is free!

CSC Building Expo—also virtual and free, the CSC Building Expo held on February 24, 2021, has a great line up of speakers, and as a keynote speaker, Jakob Stromann-Andersen from Henning Larsen. He will talk about Artificial Intelligence and Generative Design to inform their Daylighting and Architectural Designs.

Canadian Construction Association — The virtually unstoppable Annual Conference held on March 23rd-25th, 2021. This one includes live chat with exhibitors such as Procore, Autodesk and more. Also including breakout room sessions and even a virtual celebration awards. Who doesn’t need to celebrate from their living room these days!

These few virtual events are available to start the year strong. They will allow you to keep in touch with the construction industry, hear many passionate experts talk about great topics! All this will happen from the comfort of your home. No excuses!

Which virtual conference event are you attending this year? Let’s chat and celebrate together at some of these virtual construction events!