Construction Management Software: Unlocking Efficiency

Construction Management Software Training & Optimization with Procore & SmartUse

Setting the Benchmark for Efficiency with CLC Training: Procore & SmartUse’s Role in Transformative Construction Management Software.

In the ever-evolving world of construction, professionals are no strangers to the myriad of challenges that arise daily. From unexpected site issues to coordinating with a diverse team of stakeholders, the industry demands agility and precision. Amidst this dynamic landscape, the role of Construction Management Software platforms, especially powerhouses like Procore and SmartUse, has become paramount. These platforms, when utilized effectively, can be the linchpin of a project’s success. But here’s the catch: their true potential is unlocked not just in the initial setup but in continuous optimization.

The CLC Edge: Experience from Canada’s Largest Construction Sites with Procore & SmartUse

At CLC Training, our strength lies not just in our services but in our seasoned team. Our staff boasts experience from some of the most significant construction sites in Canada, often utilizing the capabilities of Procore and SmartUse. This extensive exposure means we’ve seen it all, from the most complex challenges to the most intricate details. While we believe there’s no such thing as a small client, this vast experience gives us an edge over other Construction Management Software experts. We bring insights, best practices, and solutions that are tried and tested on Canada’s grandest construction stages.

The Initial Setup: More Than Just a Starting Point

While the initial integration of a project into a Construction Management Software platform like Procore or SmartUse is crucial, it’s essential to understand that this is merely the foundation. The real magic lies in building upon this foundation, molding the software to adapt to the project’s ever-changing needs. At CLC Training, we’ve recognized this nuance. Our services are designed to ensure that your software isn’t just set up correctly but is also primed for evolution.

Adapting to the Fluid Nature of Construction

Construction projects are inherently fluid. As they progress, new challenges emerge, plans get revised, and priorities shift. A static approach to Construction Management Software can quickly become a bottleneck. Continuous optimization ensures that the software remains a reliable tool, mirroring the project’s current state and anticipating its future needs.

Daily Tasks: Streamlining for Success

With a continuously optimized Construction Management Software platform, daily tasks become a breeze. Whether it’s consulting plans, collaborating with stakeholders, or managing the workforce, every action becomes more intuitive and efficient.

Simplifying Support with CLC’s Prepaid Packages

In our quest to provide unparalleled support and convenience, CLC Training is thrilled to introduce our prepaid packages of hours. We understand that in the bustling world of construction, time is of the essence. With these prepaid packages, we’re offering a solution that’s as flexible as it is efficient.

Anytime Access, Uncompromised Support

With a prepaid package, you’re not just purchasing hours; you’re investing in peace of mind. Every individual linked to the account can tap into this reservoir of support, ensuring that guidance is always just a call or click away.

Benefits Beyond Just Support

The prepaid package system is designed with simplicity in mind. By pre-booking hours:

  1. Streamlined Process: No need for repetitive billing or approval processes for every support request. One package covers it all.
  2. Shared Benefits: Everyone linked to the account can leverage the package, ensuring consistent support across the board.
  3. Cost Efficiency: By consolidating support hours, you’re ensuring better budgeting and cost management.

Empowering Your Team

The beauty of the prepaid package lies in its accessibility. It empowers every team member, from site managers to office coordinators, to access expert guidance when they need it most.

Conclusion: The Path Forward

In the grand scheme of construction, the tools we use play a pivotal role in determining success. Construction Management Software platforms like Procore and SmartUse are powerful allies, but their true potential is harnessed when we move beyond the initial setup.

At CLC Training, we invite you to embark on this journey of continuous optimization. Let’s lay the foundation, build upon it, and together, create construction symphonies that resonate with efficiency, innovation, and success.

Ready to Dive into Construction Management Software Training?

Unlocking the Potential of Procore with CLC Training

Unlocking the Potential of Procore with CLC Training

As a construction project manager, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the phrase “saving time and money”. When it comes to managing multi-million dollar projects, however, that phrase takes on a whole new level of importance. That’s why many Project Managers are now turning to Procore for their project management needs – and why CLC Training is making such an impact in maximizing the potential of Procore for companies across the world. With fully bilingual capabilities, specialists with direct experience working on projects involving Procore software and multiple years’ worth of related industry knowledge from top organizations worldwide, CLC has established itself as one of the best training solutions available today. In this blog post we’ll take a look at how CLC can help unlock huge potential for your team through high quality training that saves both time and money!

A Deep Understanding and Efficiency with Procore

CLC Training has an in-depth understanding of Procore and will guide you through its various features and functions, giving you the confidence to use this powerful software for any type of construction project. The team’s vast experience with Procore means that they can quickly identify any areas of difficulty and provide solutions to ensure that your workflow is efficient and effective.

More Than Just Training

At CLC Training, they don’t just provide training – they also offer their expertise as a project partner when you need additional help configuring or managing your projects. Their team is well-versed in many different aspects of the construction industry, so they can provide valuable insights not just into how best to use Procore but into how best to manage your construction project overall.

Experience Matters

Expertise, dedication, and experience really make all the difference when it comes to tackling multi-million dollar projects. CLC Training has over ten years of experience working with these kinds of projects, while also having the bilingual capacity to help in any situation. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking to take on such a project, as their multi-year experience gives them a unique advantage when it comes to understanding what needs to be done and how to get the job done right. By utilizing the expertise and knowledge that CLC brings to the table, you can rest assured that your project will be completed correctly from start to finish.

Fully Bilingual

At CLC Training, we strive to meet the needs of all our Canadian clients. By being a 100% bilingual organization, we are proud to offer both English and French-language trainings for the Procore software solution. Not only will this foster successful adoption of the platform by those using it, but it is also likely to increase productivity in a wide range of industries from coast to coast. With comprehensive bilingual support included as part of our service, rest assured that CLC Training has you covered! How to Get Started With CLC Training for your Project

Are you thinking of using a Procore software training specialist for your next project? If so, then you’re definitely in the right place! If you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to stay on top of your tasks, our prepaid packages are the perfect solution! Since 2018, we’ve been offering these services for those who need support at the moment, without having to worry about invoicing or endless checkouts every time. With a prepaid package, all you have to do is buy a pack of hours and we’ll deduct from it each month depending on how much you use. We’ll even make sure to have your permission first before we start working on any of your tasks. So why wait? Take your project to the next level with CLC Training’s awesome prepaid package — it’s that easy!

In conclusion, Procore is a powerful software platform that can help businesses in the construction industry take their projects to the next level. However, acquiring the knowledge and expertise necessary to leverage this program effectively can be daunting. Fortunately, CLC Training offers a stellar solution. With decades of experience working on a variety of Procore projects and an unwavering commitment to customer success, they have the expertise needed to make the most out of this software platform. Additionally, CLC Training’s prepaid packages are designed for maximum simplicity and French & English Bilingual training and support are available for our Canadian clientele. So if you want to give your construction business an advantage while ensuring that all your projects run smoothly, look no further than CLC Training – contact them today!

Safety first!

Safety first!

UPDATE: I was trying to find stories or news about the floor collapsing at the construction highrise in front of my place. There is not much out there about it. Maybe they don’t want people to know much about it. However, I am glad. It probably means no one was injured or no one died. I found information about this event at Urban Toronto posted something about it here.

Last week, it was an ordinary week at CLC-Training. No drama! Just me working crazy hours and making sure to fit every requested training and meetings in my already busy agenda. Of course, I am working only from home these days, performing online training (because of Covid, we are still in lockdown in Ontario, and I can’t travel for work). Therefore, I was thinking a lot about how I miss going to construction sites and meet the participants face-to-face. At this point, who doesn’t miss the human interaction we took for granted months ago!

That is exactly what I was thinking about while waiting for my tea to get ready. Suddenly, I heard an enormous, unusual (never heard) sound! I live in a condo building, and I thought someone was sliding into the ventilation duct (OK. Maybe I am watching too many spy movies)!! Anyhow, I was heading into my living room to check what happened. That is when I looked at the windows and noticed all the construction workers running around everywhere like crazy. Right there I knew. Something bad happened.

Many months ago, they started this new construction site for a Condo building across the street. I’ve been watching the progress every day. I’ve witnessed the long hours the workers do and how hard they are working every day. I sometimes witnessed situations where I thought, “what are they doing. They are going to hurt themselves!” But they seem to know what they are doing, and manage to go with their day in one piece.

Because I often go on a construction site for training, I already witnessed the hard work done on a construction project. Besides, I also know (and follow) a lot of Health & Safety rules. For example, even just for a SmartUse or a Procore training, I usually can’t go to a trailer site without wearing my boots. Also, I need to have my hard hat, vest and glasses with me. Sometimes the trailer is further away or I need to walk around the site, therefore, I need to have the required equipment at all time.
Thus, it’s not just because I go only to a trailer site that I’m exempt from the Health & Safety rules. I have to admit that I often thought it was overkill for me to dress up like that just to go inside a trailer site! After all, I am not the one performing the hard work. I am just going there to train teams on a collaborative construction software.

But that day, when I’ve noticed that an entire floor of the building across the street collapsed (the unknown sound), I hoped for the best! I am not sure if it ends up with any casualties. But I felt grateful for all the Health & Safety rules the workers need to follow on site. On a construction site, you never know what could happen. You always need to be aware of your surroundings and to follow the safety rules to avoid the worse.

Today, I am taking a moment to think about all the construction workers everywhere. I am sending them positive thoughts and love. We should all be grateful for their work. I often hear a lot of judgments about construction workers. But let me tell you that what people think a construction worker does is far away from the truth.
To all the construction workers, I am thanking you. And please, follow the H&S rules, be alert on site to go back home safe tonight!

SmartUse tricks!

New Blog Post | Smartuse Tricks

When future construction software users are looking into the SmartUse Application, the most common questions I get ask is: “what does SmartUse has to offer that other big players in the software construction industry don’t have?”

Well, they all have their pro’s and cons. In my opinion, I don’t think you can compare construction software. However, I can probably pinpoint you to cool options that SmartUse has that some other software don’t have.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been following my blog, you probably read my first Did you know? Blog, which was about a cool SmartUse feature, the Favourites. For those of you that are just joining us, here’s the link to this blog: Did you know? —Tricks for collaboration, no magic here!

However, today, I want you to discover the Measurements tool. So far, nothing exciting here. But the SmartUse Measurements tool is one of the most use features, and certainly one of the most love tools in SmartUse.

So, what’s so special about it?

First, we need to remember that SmartUse is not a takeoff tool per se. I’ve tried the measurements tool with my Apple Pen on my iPad, and with a Surface Pen on a Microsoft Surface. And I have to admit, it is easy and much more precise than with my big finger on my small phone or tablet screen. But keep in mind that SmartUse read PDF format only (for now). That being said, the measurements cannot be as precise as if you were doing them from another format or from a PDF editing tools. 

The SmartUse measurement tool works pretty much the same way as with other software.

  • Step one, you need to calibrate.
  • Step two select your type of measurement (line or area).
  • And lastly, draw the measurement on the drawing. And there you go.

If you need to take another measurement but require a new calibration, no problem. SmartUse will keep your first measurement calibration, and if you want to have a different scale for your next measurement, it will apply the new scale to that next new measure. Regardless how many measurements you will do on the same drawing.
That’s not it! Another thing you can do with the measurement feature is using the Group Measurements option. Indeed! You can regroup your measurements, and let SmartUse calculate the total of your group measurements areas or lines.
Bonus point! The group option will allow you to enter more measurements option such as height to calculate square feet and volume of your measure. Then, you can export these groups in a .CSV file and merge the numbers with another Excel sheet you are keeping.

It’s that simple! But so efficient for field users.

SmartUse offer a free trial on their website here. Don’t take my word for it! Get your free trial, and test the measurement tool yourself. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section! We always like to hear from field users!

Procore or SmartUse?

SmartUse - Procore - Construction Technology

Construction industry is booming with many digital software to manage any construction projects. From smaller to bigger projects, simple renovations or complex projects. No matter the size of your construction company, there is a good chance that you want or need to acquire a construction software.

It is not a secret anymore that construction and technology need to co-exist (read the Construct Connect blog HERE. They talk about Construction industry and technology).

However, which one should you get? There is so many that sometimes it might be hard to find the one that will fit your needs. In many cases, your company will do a case study to evaluate many software options. Still, it does require time and knowledge.

Clients from the construction industry often reach out to CLC-Training to schedule a SmartUse and/or a Procore presentation. Why? Because they don’t have time to go over all this hassle of testing and evaluating software. Clients could as well go with the sales department of each software to get a free demo of the software, right. Moreover, who is better to talk about the software itself, then the original creator and sales team? So, why are they hiring CLC-Training coach to present to them the software? Not that SmartUse or Procore sales team doesn’t perform a great job! Quite the opposite! CLC-Training did attend some of both software sales presentation, and they were awesome!
It’s just that, sometimes, prospects don’t want to get the usual sale pitch and feel the pressure of buying. Or they don’t want to go over all the follow-up emails after the presentation, and so on! Most of the prospects want someone impartial to guide them in their decision of going digital for their construction projects, without any obligations. That is when CLC-Training comes into play!

We started to offer SmartUse and Procore presentations, not because we thought we are better than the respective sales team. But simply to accommodate clients. We don’t sales the SmartUse or the Procore software. We don’t get any commission on the recommendation either. Therefore, there is no pressure from CLC-Training to choose the presented software. CLC-Training is here to help construction companies figure out which one, between SmartUse and Procore, could better fit their needs.

Over the years, we did meet many different players in the construction industry across North America, from Owners to Trades. Everyone has their own concern and needs about going digital for their construction project! CLC-Training brings to the table his construction site experience and his understanding of many construction projects processes acquired during these years. Moreover, of course, our skills and knowledge of the actual software. With CLC-Training, you can book your SmartUse or Procore presentation. Maybe both! And we will guide you with your decision process.

Yet, if you are not convinced that CLC-Training could become a good fit to teach your team about SmartUse or Procore, you can claim your free 30-minute consultation.
During that free consultation (no obligation), you can ask your CLC-Training coach any question about SmartUse or Procore. We might answer the question you need to finalize your software decision!

Don’t wait too long as spots are limited, and March spots are filling up quickly. If you want to schedule your free 30-minute consultation (a value of $395), click HERE, and complete the contact form. One of our representative will contact you with an up-to-date agenda to reserve your spot for March.

CLC-Training coaches will provide useful inputs to your construction project. Don’t go over budget and don’t waste time, just for a simple question!

SmartUse Construction Collaboration

New Blog Post | Smartuse Construction Collaboration

Investing in a new software is always a step forward to help completed your construction projects on time and on budget. However, what’s more exciting is to know that this software investment is helping your team collaborate in real-time. Which will help your construction project to stay in the course of your schedule and avoid rework. Still, not everybody is at ease with software, especially in the construction industry within the working site teams.

So, how can you have the guarantee that you’ll get a good return on your software investment? By ensuring that your team knows how to fully use the software in the most efficient way possible. That little investment will pay itself very quickly.

CLC Training specialists can surely provide training that will simplify the use and understanding of your construction collaboration software such as SmartUse. One of the tricks we teach during our SmartUse’s training that will improve your team collaboration is how to use the favorites feature.

Procore - Add To Favorite - Training Blog
Procore – Add To Favorite – Training Blog
Procore - Add To Favorite - Training Blog
Procore – Add To Favorite – Training Blog

Yes, that simple icon that we are so used to seeing in so many applications can do magic for your team. Of course, every time we start explaining this feature most of the attendees started laughing at us, thinking: “why do they are explaining to us this so uncomplicated icon?” And then, as we do show them how to really apply this feature in SmartUse, we can see the magic happening in every attendee eyes. A lot of construction projects we’ve shown the favourite’s feature was not using it, or they thought it was not a useful tool for them. Furthermore, what project teams weren’t aware before was that they can use this feature to collaborate with each other in smaller groups, or with all the users of the construction project. Even more helpful, they can select specific drawings that will be regrouped under the same folder. And let’s not forget that they can use the favourite tool with the offline feature as well.
This feature is very handy for construction’s projects that have tremendous drawings and documents. Not only it will save teams time by avoiding searching for the right drawings or documents, but you can share your favourite folders with specific members of the project team.
Who would have thought that a simple feature like the favourites could save your construction projects time and money? Really, as simple as that!

At CLC Training we’re not performing magic tricks, but we are just showing you how the magic works.

New Blog Post | Smartuse Construction Collaboration

You want to learn more about the SmartUse software? Give us a call. Moreover, don’t forget to follow us on Social or to subscribe to our newsletters to get more editions of our “Did you know?”

Negative to positive!

In these special times, it’s hard not to worry or talk about the COVID-19. It’s all we hear and read every day for the past 6 months. It did, and still does, affect millions of people around the world, and it seems like we are not even close to see the end of it (well, that is how I feel!).

Even the specialists around the world seems to have mixed feelings on how to manage the situation. One day we hear that this virus is under control in some areas, and then boom! Few days later, these same areas are out of control. Some other days we read that specialists think it’s going to be ok, and some other days they bring fear on us by saying it’s going to be worse than what we’ve seen so far!

As am writing these lines, we definitely started the second waves in Canada. In some areas, the numbers are reaching peaks not seen during the first wave. I feel like we knew it all along that it will hit us hard again during fall, but many people choose to sugarcoat the situation instead. Am astound to read and hear so many people being surprised that there is a second waves! How can they be that clueless! We had 6 months to prepare for the worse, but I feel like nothing was thought trough. During the first wave, they shutdown the entire country. Should we feel lucky that they didn’t shutdown everything again for this second wave? Or should we fear another shutdown soon? It’s not clear what is the plan.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the situation, I think we are lucky to work in the construction industry. We are considered “essential”, and the industry did turn around pretty quickly to adjust the new normal to all sites teams.
We’ve seen the construction industry take action to make sure to secure their processes on site, and keep it open. Many people that have been talking to in the industry, told me that their projects were behind at the beginning of the Covid situation, with everything closing down. But they managed to be back on track quickly, and made up for lost time. Some did lose projects, but with the Government investing in construction projects, more new projects were created and started faster then supposed to. Am expecting the same kind of comments in the next few months.

For us, at CLC Training, for the past 6 months it was business as usual. Of course, all the site trainings we had scheduled were switch to online training. But because we were already offering online training, that was not an issue at all. On top of that, when in some area’s construction sites closed during the first wave, project teams had more time to attend trainings. So, they took that opportunity to keep their skills fresh, or learn few more tricks along the way. Your team can still do plenty of things even if the physical construction sites are close. Plus, don’t forget that project management software like Procore, or collaborative software like SmartUse didn’t closed their businesses during Covid. They kept working on their software. They did release new features that you might didn’t know was now available if you took your training a long time ago. Refresher are always good to discover new tricks!

At CLC Training we think that construction industry will be spare for the second wave, if everyone does apply the rules such as always wear your mask, or have water station all around your construction site for your team to wash their hands as often as it’s required, or don’t go to work if you feel symptoms. These are just few new normal site processes you can apply to help avoid the spread of the virus.

And if your site teams are stuck home with symptoms, why not take that opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one by subscribe them to one of our training sessions to learn new skills?

Invest in your team!

At CLC Training we know that live collaboration is a major asset to make sure a project can be completed on time and on budget. We’ve seen so many projects losing a lot of time sending communications, then waiting for a response, then receiving an answer that was not the appropriate one because of miscommunication, or because the other parties was not working with the good document, or simply because the information was not shared with the right person. The ball in court was rolling from one to another. What a waste of time!

These types of situations can lead to a lot of delay and frustration at a jobsite!

To overcome these situations, many constructions companies will acquire a construction software such as Procore software (project management software), or SmartUse software (mobile collaborative software). Maybe it is you and your team at the moment. However, even with the best software on the market, if you don’t know how to use it and share your information with your team properly, there will be no miracle!

That’s why, even if you did acquire a new software to help manage your construction project, you need to make sure everyone involves at your project will use the tools properly to communicate the information to the right team member. And that’s when CLC Training comes into play!

Construction software training options

CLC Training understand how fast pace a job site can be. We also understand that not everyone that’s part of your construction team is at the same level of comfort using a technology.
Construction software’s can be very intimidating whether you are at ease with technologies or not, and our construction trainers understand that well.

You can find many types of training and certifications around, such as:

  • Online video “how-to”
  • Online certifications
  • A live teaching classes
  • Weekend seminars
  • Podcast

However, these might not be appropriate for your projects, as they can be time consuming trainings, and leave the users to himself, trying to follow online and figure things out alone. Not the best way to make your software profitable, and help the project goes smooth, faster and on budget!

Our CLC training services offer more support to your users with more hands-on on a real-life project situation. Also, our training can be done at your job site directly, so you can regroup your team and keep everyone onsite where they can be needed.

If online training suits your needs more, no problem. We do that as well. You can regroup your team, or each user can attend it from anywhere they need to be.

You might decide that training is not necessary, but you need someone to answer some questions from time-to-time, when your team is stuck on a software issue, or just doesn’t know how to apply their situation into the software tools. Guess what? CLC Training offer phone or email support package as well. Sometimes, a quick call goes a long way!

Just keep in mind that no matter the type of training you need, at CLC Training there is something available to suits your demands.

Don’t ever let your project gets behind for a simple question your team might have! Take action now!

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Welcome to CLC’s Blog

Welcome To My First Blob Post

Construction project takes a whole new look when everyone is equipped to fully achieve what they are meant to do. Training provides invaluable support for workers to be efficient and get the best result. With CLC training, can lead a workforce of skilled SmartUse and Procore users.

Welcome to CLC Training, Canada’s number one training center for SmartUse and Procore users. We are superusers of these construction software’s and can teach your workforce how to carry-on construction seamlessly and without heavy paperwork.

Our training specialist offers virtual or on-site training for your need and comfort. In further editions of our dedicated blogposts, we will reveal tips and tricks to get the best out of using these software’s to improve your construction efficiency. 

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