Procore or SmartUse?

SmartUse - Procore - Construction Technology

Construction industry is booming with many digital software to manage any construction projects. From smaller to bigger projects, simple renovations or complex projects. No matter the size of your construction company, there is a good chance that you want or need to acquire a construction software.

It is not a secret anymore that construction and technology need to co-exist (read the Construct Connect blog HERE. They talk about Construction industry and technology).

However, which one should you get? There is so many that sometimes it might be hard to find the one that will fit your needs. In many cases, your company will do a case study to evaluate many software options. Still, it does require time and knowledge.

Clients from the construction industry often reach out to CLC-Training to schedule a SmartUse and/or a Procore presentation. Why? Because they don’t have time to go over all this hassle of testing and evaluating software. Clients could as well go with the sales department of each software to get a free demo of the software, right. Moreover, who is better to talk about the software itself, then the original creator and sales team? So, why are they hiring CLC-Training coach to present to them the software? Not that SmartUse or Procore sales team doesn’t perform a great job! Quite the opposite! CLC-Training did attend some of both software sales presentation, and they were awesome!
It’s just that, sometimes, prospects don’t want to get the usual sale pitch and feel the pressure of buying. Or they don’t want to go over all the follow-up emails after the presentation, and so on! Most of the prospects want someone impartial to guide them in their decision of going digital for their construction projects, without any obligations. That is when CLC-Training comes into play!

We started to offer SmartUse and Procore presentations, not because we thought we are better than the respective sales team. But simply to accommodate clients. We don’t sales the SmartUse or the Procore software. We don’t get any commission on the recommendation either. Therefore, there is no pressure from CLC-Training to choose the presented software. CLC-Training is here to help construction companies figure out which one, between SmartUse and Procore, could better fit their needs.

Over the years, we did meet many different players in the construction industry across North America, from Owners to Trades. Everyone has their own concern and needs about going digital for their construction project! CLC-Training brings to the table his construction site experience and his understanding of many construction projects processes acquired during these years. Moreover, of course, our skills and knowledge of the actual software. With CLC-Training, you can book your SmartUse or Procore presentation. Maybe both! And we will guide you with your decision process.

Yet, if you are not convinced that CLC-Training could become a good fit to teach your team about SmartUse or Procore, you can claim your free 30-minute consultation.
During that free consultation (no obligation), you can ask your CLC-Training coach any question about SmartUse or Procore. We might answer the question you need to finalize your software decision!

Don’t wait too long as spots are limited, and March spots are filling up quickly. If you want to schedule your free 30-minute consultation (a value of $395), click HERE, and complete the contact form. One of our representative will contact you with an up-to-date agenda to reserve your spot for March.

CLC-Training coaches will provide useful inputs to your construction project. Don’t go over budget and don’t waste time, just for a simple question!