Unlocking the Potential of Procore with CLC Training

Unlocking the Potential of Procore with CLC Training

As a construction project manager, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the phrase “saving time and money”. When it comes to managing multi-million dollar projects, however, that phrase takes on a whole new level of importance. That’s why many Project Managers are now turning to Procore for their project management needs – and why CLC Training is making such an impact in maximizing the potential of Procore for companies across the world. With fully bilingual capabilities, specialists with direct experience working on projects involving Procore software and multiple years’ worth of related industry knowledge from top organizations worldwide, CLC has established itself as one of the best training solutions available today. In this blog post we’ll take a look at how CLC can help unlock huge potential for your team through high quality training that saves both time and money!

A Deep Understanding and Efficiency with Procore

CLC Training has an in-depth understanding of Procore and will guide you through its various features and functions, giving you the confidence to use this powerful software for any type of construction project. The team’s vast experience with Procore means that they can quickly identify any areas of difficulty and provide solutions to ensure that your workflow is efficient and effective.

More Than Just Training

At CLC Training, they don’t just provide training – they also offer their expertise as a project partner when you need additional help configuring or managing your projects. Their team is well-versed in many different aspects of the construction industry, so they can provide valuable insights not just into how best to use Procore but into how best to manage your construction project overall.

Experience Matters

Expertise, dedication, and experience really make all the difference when it comes to tackling multi-million dollar projects. CLC Training has over ten years of experience working with these kinds of projects, while also having the bilingual capacity to help in any situation. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking to take on such a project, as their multi-year experience gives them a unique advantage when it comes to understanding what needs to be done and how to get the job done right. By utilizing the expertise and knowledge that CLC brings to the table, you can rest assured that your project will be completed correctly from start to finish.

Fully Bilingual

At CLC Training, we strive to meet the needs of all our Canadian clients. By being a 100% bilingual organization, we are proud to offer both English and French-language trainings for the Procore software solution. Not only will this foster successful adoption of the platform by those using it, but it is also likely to increase productivity in a wide range of industries from coast to coast. With comprehensive bilingual support included as part of our service, rest assured that CLC Training has you covered! How to Get Started With CLC Training for your Project

Are you thinking of using a Procore software training specialist for your next project? If so, then you’re definitely in the right place! If you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to stay on top of your tasks, our prepaid packages are the perfect solution! Since 2018, we’ve been offering these services for those who need support at the moment, without having to worry about invoicing or endless checkouts every time. With a prepaid package, all you have to do is buy a pack of hours and we’ll deduct from it each month depending on how much you use. We’ll even make sure to have your permission first before we start working on any of your tasks. So why wait? Take your project to the next level with CLC Training’s awesome prepaid package — it’s that easy!

In conclusion, Procore is a powerful software platform that can help businesses in the construction industry take their projects to the next level. However, acquiring the knowledge and expertise necessary to leverage this program effectively can be daunting. Fortunately, CLC Training offers a stellar solution. With decades of experience working on a variety of Procore projects and an unwavering commitment to customer success, they have the expertise needed to make the most out of this software platform. Additionally, CLC Training’s prepaid packages are designed for maximum simplicity and French & English Bilingual training and support are available for our Canadian clientele. So if you want to give your construction business an advantage while ensuring that all your projects run smoothly, look no further than CLC Training – contact them today!