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Free 30-minute consultation and Q&A session about SmartUse or Procore best practices.

Get your 100% Free no-obligation 30-minute consultation/Q&A call ($395 value) and we’ll answer any question you might have to help your team with SmartUse or Procore construction software.

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What you’ll get with this 30 minutes no-obligation free session is:


If you are here now, you probably already acquired the SmartUse or Procore software. You decided you needed to jump in and join the digital world with your construction projects drawings, documents and processes.

However, if you found us, you might not have seen yet the ROI you were expecting!

Furthermore, you are probably eager to save more time and money, and to offer your project team some answers. You want to help your team use SmartUse or Procore application at their full potential.

Your time is precious. And we get it!

During that free no-obligation session, you can ask us any question related to either SmartUse or Procore software (depending on which one you are using or want to use in the future). During the call, you could also benefit input from our construction experience with the best practices of the construction industry. We understand that technology scare the best of us. But with good guidance, anyone can learn how to use technology in an efficient way. That is why we are offering this free 30-minute session! Construction projects deserve to evolve and own new technologies!

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CLC-Training Coach & Advisor


I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It was well set out & not too much information to take in at one time, well-spaced out learning sessions.
I thought the staff & the trainers were spot on.
Luc Frank
Project Manager
Christine was a fantastic Tutor, helpful, enthusiastic & funny. Learnt a lot in the SmartUse Training, was made to feel relaxed & confident in doing the course, I would recommend to anyone to try CLC Training without a doubt.
Stephany Gilson
Managing Director
Having recommended CLC Training services to several SmartUse’s users, we can say that we are always confident that training sessions will be professionally done , and above all that the trainers are perfectly familiar with our application, as well as the construction processes.
Jean-François Drouin
Director of Customer SmartUse