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Our Procore specialists can help you nail the Procore construction software’s.


Completing a construction project on time and within the budget is every builder’s dream. This is why construction project management software like Procore Technology can assist you in achieving that.

The most challenging part is getting everyone on your team up to speed. You can receive the best from Procore to correctly collaborate in real-time and share essential information to help save time and money.

Getting so many people to use something properly can feel impossible, but it is not. That’s when CLC Training comes in handy! Many successful Procore users admit to how they needed a little advice from an expert or just a little push before they could get the best out of Procore Technology. With CLC Training coaches, you don’t need to torture your team with long hours of training to use Procore accordingly.

You will save yourself and your team valuable hours that would have been wasted on boring full-day training. Our coaches can give personalized Procore training, in French or English, directly at your job site. It doesn’t have to be a long day of learning to be effective. Take away the complicated terminologies and remove the long hours. What you get with CLC Training is simple and easy to understand training sessions.

We also offer online training that includes live sessions to ask questions and get answers in real-time. Our sessions are completely live, which makes us available throughout the training for questions. Our flexible service also includes telephone support for one-on-one coaching and help in case you require quick troubleshooting.

Your team is your greatest asset; investing in your employees will significantly increase their productivity. Seasoned professionals know that having a smart team with advanced collaboration techniques will save two precious resources: time and money!

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Get the most from Procore construction software for FREE in as little as 30MINS even if you’ve never used it before!

Formation Procore Montreal - Formation Procore Québec

Our training specialists can help you nail the SmartUse and the Procore construction software’s.

We know how fast pace a construction project can be. That is why we offer two types of training; On site or online. 

With CLC Training, you are always in control of your learning.

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– Procore Training New York (USA)

On-Site/Online PROCORE Training

(At Your Construction Site Also Available)

Tackle Software Headaches in Construction: Let CLC Training Be Your Daily Guide!

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Procore Training canada


I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It was well set out & not too much information to take in at one time, well-spaced out learning sessions.
I thought the staff & the trainers were spot on.
Formation Smartuse Montreal - Formation Smartuse Quebec
Luc Frank
Project Manager
Christine was a fantastic Tutor, helpful, enthusiastic & funny. Learnt a lot in the SmartUse Training, was made to feel relaxed & confident in doing the course, I would recommend to anyone to try CLC Training without a doubt.
Procore Training Toronto - Procore Training Canada
Stephany Gilson
Managing Director
Having recommended CLC Training services to several SmartUse’s users, we can say that we are always confident that training sessions will be professionally done , and above all that the trainers are perfectly familiar with our application, as well as the construction processes.
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Jean-François Drouin
Director of Customer SmartUse

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