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Procore Training | SmartUse Training

Our training specialists can help you nail the SmartUse and the Procore construction software’s.


Is your team struggling to get the hang of collaboration software like SmartUse or project management software such as Procore? Are your employees stuck in the old way of work just because they are afraid of technology?

Do you think getting your team ready to use your construction software will cost you too much or take an enormous amount of time? That is because you have never been to one of our CLC training sessions.

Our years of experience in the construction and IT world have taught us valuable lessons and armed us with great insight into construction projects’ inner workings. We know how to create actual day-to-day projects combined with your construction software effortless.

At CLC Training, our specialists are certified SmartUse & Procore super users fortified with the required experience and skills needed to coach a new software using either on-site or online. 

For best results, we offer personalized training in either English or French, which can be given one-on-one or to larger groups.

We take our training a step further from the routine and boring one-way coaching to warm interactive sessions that you enjoy where audience participation and discussion is encouraged. 

As experienced software coaches, we are driven to make our training sessions simple and easy to understand, free from unnecessary theories and complicated terminology.

Get the most from Smartuse or Procore construction software for FREE in as little as 30MINS


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With various contributors throughout the project, it can be difficult to keep up with every step of your project. This is why many professionals love and use Procore. It helps users manage risk, build quality projects safely and on time while staying within the budget. No matter your team’s makeup, everyone involved in the project can learn to manage assigned tasks using different

Procore tools. Your group can count on CLC Training to create expertise using new technology.

SmartUse Document Management

Do you struggle to make sure your team works with the latest revision of each drawing and documents? SmartUse has excellent features and tricks to ensure you will work with the most up-to-date addition. Let us teach your users how to accomplish flawless SmartUse document management. Everyone on your team will say goodbye to doubts and never wander into your folder searching for the latest drawings. 

Get the most out of your SmartUse software in no time.


You don’t have to bear the burden of worrying about your Procore implementation; CLC Training can assist you with that! We can work with your Procore Implementation representative and yourself.

We will guide you through the process of starting your project with Procore the best way possible. We share our construction expertise to ensure that you will consider the best practices your project might need to adopt Procore by everyone involved in the project successfully.

SmartUse Application Training

Do you wish you could master technology overnight? That is what we achieve with our SmartUse training. Irrespective of your skills and learning ability have no fear! Our coach breaks down complex technical terminologies and processes into basic terms. Providing focused, bite-size information that helps alleviate technophobia and accelerates learning. When used efficiently, the SmartUse Application can provide many benefits like real-time collaboration with your team, limits project re-dos, and keeps you on track with your budget.

Our training specialists can help you nail the SmartUse and the Procore construction software’s.

We know how fast pace a construction project can be. That is why we offer two types of training; On site or online. 

With CLC Training, you are always in control of your learning.

– Procore Training Toronto | Canada
– SmartUse Training Toronto | Canada
– Procore Training New York (USA)

On-Site/Online Training

(At Your Construction Site :: Available)

Tackle Software Headaches in Construction: Let CLC Training Be Your Daily Guide!

Procore • Smartuse

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SmartUse Training | Procore Training

Join our team of trainers now!

If you are not afraid to get your feet dirty at a construction job site, if you know the construction collaborative software’s, and if you have experience in the training world, you might be a good fit for our Training team. Send us your resume today.



I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It was well set out & not too much information to take in at one time, well-spaced out learning sessions.
I thought the staff & the trainers were spot on.
Luc Frank
Project Manager
Christine was a fantastic Tutor, helpful, enthusiastic & funny. Learnt a lot in the SmartUse Training, was made to feel relaxed & confident in doing the course, I would recommend to anyone to try CLC Training without a doubt.
Stephany Gilson
Managing Director
Having recommended CLC services to several SmartUse’s users, we can say that we are always confident that training sessions will be professionally done , and above all that the trainers are perfectly familiar with our application, as well as the construction processes.
Jean-François Drouin
Director of Customer SmartUse

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